A Golden Triumph!

Reyada Medical Centre is now JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited and has earned the esteemed gold seal of approval for meeting rigorous standards and best practices in healthcare delivery. This significant milestone showcases our unwavering commitment to patient safety and high-quality healthcare.

For our patients, JCI accreditation signifies Reyada’s commitment to excellence across multiple areas, including patient safety, infection control, medication management, leadership, and continuous quality improvement. It reinforces our dedication to delivering affordable, accessible healthcare services of the highest quality, while strongly emphasizing patient safety and service excellence.

We celebrate this golden triumph by remaining steadfast in our mission to provide our patients with the highest quality, safe, and accessible healthcare services.

What is JCI?

JCI (Joint Commission International) is a globally recognized accreditation body for healthcare organizations. With its stringent standards and rigorous evaluation processes, JCI ensures that accredited institutions meet the highest levels of quality, safety, and patient care while following international best practices, adhering to strict protocols, and continuously striving for excellence.