About Us

مجموعة العبير الطبية


Reyada Medical Centre

Reyada Healthcare, the parent company of Reyada Medical Centre, is the name of a dream, powered by vision and inspired by passion. With young blood at the helm, we are all pumped for creating a new way of patient being treated, cared and welcomed. Reyada Medical Centre is envisioned to provide the patients with a right mix of experience and clinical outcome, driven by the technological advancements at both clinical and non-clinical areas. Simply, Reyada is the name of a new-age medical centre where patients come first, second, third and the last! Creating a new healthcare ecosystem around patient centricity, Reyada dreams to be welcoming to everyone, at every stage of care. Affordability is at the centre of all our initiatives and we create a process flow that keeps quality affordable for everyone. Reyada Healthcare is a new-age destination offering responsible care, leading the way to good health for all. We envision the making of a world where people take charge of their health as we guide them through their journey to a healthy living with advanced and compassionate care. Behind this vision of ours lies the passion, the dedication and the dreams of many hearts, many hands and many minds. Care is our commitment. Expertise is our potential. Quality is our word. Safety is our assurance. Together, we empower the State of Qatar to arise and live in the pink of health.